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View a list of the Top 100 Lego Sets based on their current Price Guide Value.Way station features a small platform with two seats, map of train services, warning sign, lights and a crossing.This series has great vehicles, great minifigures, a great story and many rare pieces and colors that are exclusive to the series.Unfortunately, as soon as even one poly bag of LEGOs is opened, it can no longer be sold as new condition and the value of the LEGO set declines.

Fett was first seen in LEGO form in 2000 as part of the Slave I playset and has been featured in multiple sets since.I have looked on ebay, but it is random pieces and random colors.You will always get a price that is based on fair market value.This inexpensive set, which is made for kids 5 and up, includes 14 new figures for children to play with, as well as several accessories for their budding cities.

Another great way to find your fake Lego at Aliexpress is to search for the sets you are looking for and then choose the one with the best feedback from the most reputable seller.

Best Lego Blocks Take it back to basics with this yellow brick box filled to the brim with the classic, colorful blocks.

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A list of the 10 coolest LEGO Star Wars sets, which includes the UCS Millennium Falcon, Slave I, UCS Sandcrawler, Death Star Final Duel, and more.

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Yesterday I was contacted by the website Tech Insider to help them list the Top 25 most valuable sets of All Time.

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Wide range of Lego Classic products including building boxes, storage heads and baseplates.The 2015 flagship set, I absolutely cannot believe the Mercedes-Benz Aroc made the list. But it did.

The best lego set for kids will also be analyzed on the basis of lego brick quality and lego size because with kids there is always the risk of smaller bricks turning into choking hazards. All in.Lego sets that focus on Super Heroes, Batman and Indiana Jones are among the ones that do best over time.

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It was good timing too since I did run the price guide numbers recently.

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LEGO originally released the White House set in 2010, and most of the other sets released in a similar time frame have been retired.One theme, Atlantis, which featured underwater themes and vehicles, "didn't...

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One that contain the official LEGO sets with a reference to all the.

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USA TODAY Star Wars is the biggest movie franchise in the galaxy, so.

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Laser tag is a fun pastime that can be enjoyed at home with a laser tag set.The Simpsons is the only Lego theme that has lost value, falling by 3.5 percent on average.