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Other, faster speeds may work, but chances are the PS3 firmware will limit the.There are a few steps, but it is a simple process that you should have no problem doing yourself.If you are a novice to system repair and are concerned about fitting the device, you may be interested in a PS3 Slim 500 GB hard drive with a smaller case, so replacing it is easier than ever.More so, it include all the necessary features that will ensure superior performance and efficiency.

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Hardware maker Bufalo is set to release an officially licensed 500GB external hard drive for the PS3.The Zen Factory PS3 Hard Drive offers a simple solution when adding more capacity to your gaming console.

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A PS3 500 GB hard drive has plenty of space for even the most avid gamer too, enough for around 300 games.Playstation 3: I suggest 500 gb because I think that 500 gb for a ps3 is enough.I take the 60GB hard drive out of the machine, put the 500GB one in, format it, and get started and.Your PS3 will run a check for and correct corrupted data automatically if it shuts down improperly and is restarted.New slimmer and lighter PS3 system with a 500 GB HDD, Internet-ready.Any other ways of making backup on PS3 than copying files by hand is in my opinion useless, as many data is pure junk (System Backup, Data Transfer Utility, and even debug cloning which was mentioned above).Best of Indian products is a collaborative marketplace where buyers around the world can get products online at low prices and good quality through sellers with minimum charges.

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Then I tried some configuration and finally needed to reformat hdd with a single.

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The console firmware sets the read-write access speed to the hard drive, so it is recommended to replace the PS3 hard drive with a similar SATA laptop hard drive that has more capacity than your current PS3 hard drive (I used a 160 GB Maxtor).A 500 GB hard disk drive means that the hard disk drive can provideup to 500 gigabytes of file storage.Finally, if you are fortunate enough to have a PS3 in working order and simply want to expand your storage capabilities, you may be interested in a 500 GB external PS3 hard drive that plugs.

Now the only thing you will going to need for this is a plastic membership card (like I am using in the.With its 500 GB disk space, this good quality HDD can compete with the best hard drives for PS3 in the market.

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