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Keurig and Tassimo manufacture some of the most popular single-cup coffee makers, a.k.a., coffee pod machines.The selection of Vue Packs in limited, and often not available locally, but the third party KCV-Cup reusable coffee filter set allows K-Cups and ground coffee to be used in the machines.The smallest serving is 4 ounces, appropriate for an espresso K-Cup, but if you remove the drip tray and align the included pitcher, you can use one of the new, larger K-Carafe capsules and make.

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Although VUE Series is discontinued by Keurig which means it will be difficult to find VUE Pods, I will still advise to go for the models as you can use all the K-Cup Pods in these machines if you have an adaptor.Others claim that each use of the K-Cup further weakens the flavor, just like re-using coffee grounds in a standard coffee machine.To avoid a stale or sour tasting cup of coffee, only use a K-Cup one time.That way, I can continue to use K cups and still have the advantages of the Vue Brewer.The K-Cups have really become a part of popular culture, even.

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Some coffee lovers claim that a large cup of coffee can be made from the first pass of a K-Cup, and a small cup of coffee can be made from the second pass.

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The Vue packs are shorter, stockier, and work slightly differently than the K-Cup.

Their success has allowed them to create a variety of machines.However, now that some of the patents on K-Cups have expired, we have more variations and and alternatives to Keurig brewers and single-cup pods, cartridges, and capsules than Carter has little pills.

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It does come with its own water filtration system so can use tap water to fill up the machine (which is convenient).

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But this might not always work for Keurig 2.0 machines, which work with Keurig-only K-cups, reducing the choice available.

There is nothing wrong with this machine, except that it only takes Vue cups, not K cups.Take off the plastic lid and wash the K-Cup, then let it dry overnight.

That way when you do find a sale on K-Cups, you can just use the converter.Pods can be used with a variety of single serve pod coffee makers including: Senseo, Bunn, Melitta, Grindmaster, Hamilton Beach, My Invento and Cuisinart.

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While it is not recommended, K-Cups can technically be reused.

However, every time you reuse a K-Cup, the flavor of your coffee will be even more diminished.As a result, there is a very wide selection of both the coffee and the.

Of course, you CAN use one k-cup to make more coffee, but it will reduce the flavor and produce more watered down coffee.Anyone seen any good refillable v-cups that either let you use k-cups or use your.In addition, you can recycle a part of the Vue pack, unlike a K-Cup.Keurig machines do not work with T-Discs.

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If you would like to purchase a brewer for a small to medium office please consider our small-medium office brewers that can be purchased.In this video I show you how to use the k cups in the Vue machine.Keurig is replacing the vue for free, and I will only use Vue cups from now on.

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The pods do vary in size so please use the chart below to make sure they are compatible with your brewer.

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Using a regular one, you have to really squish the Kcup and that can lead to messy, watery results.

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To enter to win one of the 3 K2V-cups, please leave me a comment below, telling me your favorite K-cup that you would use with your new K2V-cup.