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Advertising bombards us with ways to improve our appearance on a daily basis.Isaiah 40:6 God speaks about the beauty of human life and we are to speak about it too.

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You may feel that there’s no way to escape getting old, It’s the best time to know you’re wrong and can easily turn the clock back.While some women are faithful for life to an old favourite, many more are discovering the joy of experimenting with scents that match their mood.A number of years ago I began to attend a small church Bible study that was a dispensational church because I wanted to know more about dispensationalism.

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Brokenness often, however, precedes something of value or great worth.

Now and then as I read a Bible text, a phrase grabs my attention and then haunts my thoughts for some time afterwards.

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Surprising as it may seem to some, Satan was not always evil.

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In the midst of the storm seek the Lord and run unto Him for shelter.

It follows that any beauty we create is glorifying to God, our creator.

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God is the Creator and he has made everything beautiful in its time.Their journey today is not long, but their hearts are heavy with sorrow and confusion.

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Dr. Karen Jobes: The process of Bible translation really needs a number of people to contribute to it in order to achieve accuracy, beauty, clarity, and dignity.Marriage to a fool, but clever Esther saves the Jewish people.

1 Peter 3:3 Your beauty should not come from outward